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This support site is for OpenMeeting customers that have been upgraded to our 2.0 Platform.
For customers looking for support for the 1.0 Platform, please click here to view 1.0 support site.
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      • OpenMeeting Platform 2.0 - Now Available!

        March 29, 2024 We are thrilled to announce that we have released a whole new platform that we are calling OpenMeeting Platform 2.0! NEW: Customer Portal The most exciting new feature of the new platform in our opinion, is our new Customer Portal. ...
      • What is the Member App

        The Member App is used by voting members of a group to view meeting item information, make requests to speak, motion, second, amend and vote during meetings. It can also be used by non-voting members, such as staff members, to make requests to speak ...
      • Request Information

        Isn’t it time to modernize your meetings? Improve public perception and trust, meeting efficiency, and overall meeting experience with the OpenMeeting legislative meeting management system. ✔ Electronic Roll Call & Electronic Voting ✔ ...
      • Meeting Manager Application

        Version 2.x of our Meeting Manager application is only available to licensed customers, and is only available through our Customer Portal. Learn more about the Meeting Manager Application.
      • Discussion Manager App

        The OpenMeeting Discussion Manager app is a companion app to the OpenMeeting electronic voting and request-to-speak system. This application provides a visual dashboard for your meeting, giving the chair, mayor or president the control they need to ...
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        Please use the below links to schedule... IN PRODUCTION
      • Training Checklist

        Welcome to OpenMeeting Training! The following is how we will prepare you for using OpenMeeting: Step 1 – Rules Review and Agenda Training with the Meeting Manager User In this 60 to 90 minute training, we will review your configuration (rules, ...
      • General Support Request

        Please use the below contact information change request form to let us know about any changes you may have had in your organization so that we may update our records. ( open form in new browser tab / view )
      • What is the Customer Portal

        The Customer Portal is a cloud-based application where all platform administrative features are performed, where meeting information can be created, edited, and managed. Features: Agenda Builder: Create, edit and export meeting agendas. Syncs with ...
      • Step 2 - Technical Implementation Tasks - Testing & Troubleshooting

        Draft in Progress In the previous step, all required networking and application installation were completed. In this step we want to systematically open and configure applications, load testing meetings, connect devices, confirm all networking ...