RTS Pro: Installation Help

IMPORTANT: This is for a Legacy Product. Please be sure you have a Legacy Product before reading this item.


RTS Pro is an easy-to-use program that allows the chairperson of a legislative group to see an ordered list of members’ requests to speak and – optionally – control devices in the room via a touchscreen interface.

Any number of groups can use the same RTS Pro application on the same computer.

RTS Pro organizes all its functions on 3 tabs:

  • The Setup Tab options let you customize the system for a group’s use.  When you enter a group roster and organize its seating chart, you are creating an RTS Pro Configuration file that you re-use each time that group meets.  You would only change this file if, for example, its membership changes.
  • The Layout Tab allows you to organize all the devices in the room graphically, from the perspective of the chairperson.
  • The Meeting Tab houses all the controls you need to guide a group through a meeting.

Because you re-use the same configuration file each time, RTS Pro opens automatically on its Meeting Tab so that you can get right to work.

Though this manual describes all the options in RTS Pro, we encourage you to explore the system on your own and to use this manual purely as a reference document.  To help you learn the system, we have included Micro Help (or Tool Tips) for each option in the system.  Simply hover over an option (for example, the device Type option) to display its Micro Help text (shown below the option itself):

RTS Pro may be used standalone if you are only using its device control capabilities and have no need to display group members’ requests to speak.

If, on the other hand, you do wish to display members’ requests to speak on a Public Window, you will need to use RTS Pro in conjunction with its companion roll call voting program, RollCall Pro.  RTS Pro uses RollCall Pro’s Extended Desktop to display requests to speak and speaker recognitions.

System Requirements

RTS Pro has the following system requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • .NET 4.5.2 or newer
  • 10MB hard drive space
  • A wired or wireless network connection

By default, the program is installed onto the user’s C: drive, but it may be installed onto a network drive as well.  However, the licensing component in the system registers the program to a particular client’s MAC address.  It is not a server-based, multi-user program.

We give each client 2 installs or license seats with each license so that they may install the program on, for example, a meeting room computer as well as an office computer.  This makes it possible, for example, for IT to have a test environment in addition to a production system in the meeting room.

Static IP

When used with RollCall Pro, RTS Pro is connected to RollCall Pro via its IP address.  In addition, RollCall Pro will “remember” from session to session that it has been connected to RTS Pro and will attempt to re-connect to the same IP address it used in the previous session.

As a result, while it is not strictly required, the assignment of a static IP address to the RTS Pro PC is of great benefit.

Router Configuration

RTS Pro connects to RollCall Pro using a network connection that can be wired or wireless.  If their connection is wireless, the router must be configured to:

  • Allow connected devices to “see” one another
  • Permit traffic via port 8030

Check the router’s settings regarding automatic timeouts and extend or eliminate them, as needed.

Also check the WiFi channel that your router is using and select one that has less traffic.