RollCall Pro: Installation Help

IMPORTANT: This is for a Legacy Product. Please be sure you have a Legacy Product before reading this item.

Meeting Manager

If your members are using tablets and “smart” devices, both the Meeting Manager and Member App components of the system must be installed and configured for RollCall Pro to operate properly.

If you intend to use RollCall Pro with SideKeys Wireless Keypads that you already own, then you only need to install the Meeting Manager component.

Member App

The free Member App works in the following environments:

  • iOS 8 or newer
  • Android 4.2 or newer
  • Windows 10

The iOS and Android versions of the Member App can be downloaded directly from the App Store or Play Store.  The Windows 10 client version can be downloaded here.

The same device may be used for multiple tasks, such as reviewing a meeting packet using one app and the RollCall Pro Member App for voting.  In this case, you will need to teach your members how to task switch from one app to the other, when appropriate.  When members task switch back to RollCall Pro, the system brings them or navigates them to where they need to be – voting mode, for example.

Static IP

Members log into or connect to the Meeting Manager by entering 3 values on their Member App:

  • The Meeting Manager’s IP address
  • Login ID
  • Password

The Member App remembers this information from session to session, so it is important to assign a static IP address to the Meeting Manager PC.

Router Configuration

  1. Members connect to the Meeting Manager application wirelessly via a router or access point.  The router must be configured to:
  2. Allow connected devices to “see” one another

Check the router’s settings regarding automatic timeouts and extend or eliminate them, as needed.  Members listening to a presentation during a meeting could appear – to the network – to be inactive and might be automatically disconnected.

Also check the WiFi channel that your router is using and select one that has less traffic.

If you are using a public static IP and have members who are connecting to the meeting remotely, you will also need to forward traffic on port 8000.  Note as well that if you are using our companion request to speak system (RTS Pro) on a separate computer for your chairperson, you will also need to permit traffic on port 8030.

SideKeys Keypads

However, keypads are one-way devices and do not benefit from the information flow coming from Version 4’s Meeting Manager which displays on members’ devices:

  • What item is being discussed
  • Who motioned and seconded
  • Where the member is in the request to speak queue
  • When it’s time to vote
  • How the group voted on each item

Instead, we support keypads in Version 4 as a way of transitioning our existing customers to this new system. We even allow the “mixing & matching” of keypads and devices in the same meeting, which allows those members who are ready & willing to use the Member App to do that without forcing everyone in the group to give up using their keypads.