The OpenMeeting platform application downloads and/or updates are available for customers with a valid software license.

The Member App is used by voting and non-voting members to interact with the Meeting Manager. Members use it to log into or connect to the Meeting Manager, to introduce motions & seconds, to register a request to speak and to vote on items.

The Member App works on Apple iPad/iPhone, Android tablet/phone or Windows PC/Tablets (Windows 10).

Download the Member App here.

Logging in for the First Time

From the member’s device, click on the Settings wheel on the bottom left of your app:

From the Login Information tab, enter the appropriate Local and Remote IP address, as well as Member’s Username and Password as provided by the clerk. Press Save.

From the Display / Audio Tab, select your desired Display Mode, then Save:

Note: Credentials will be saved for future log ins.

Signing Into the Member App

Once the clerk has signed into the Meeting Manager and prior to the meeting beginning, Members can press the blue Sign In button on their Member App:

Until roll is called, Members will see a screen showing they’re connected, waiting for roll to be called: