Each time you open the Meeting Manager, licensing verification takes place. This is automatic, verifying your computer and user are properly licensed to use the MEETING MANAGER. When you launch the system, you’ll see a screen similar to this: 

In most cases, you will press Skip Update / Continue and access your meetings. 

If your license is expired the following screen will display. Pressing Renew My License will send a support message to the OpenMeeting Support Team to contact you to renew the license and/or to allow you temporary access while renewal is in process.  You can generally expect an OMT support person to contact you via phone or eMail relatively soon after you press Renew My License OR you can call support directly at 320.249.0555.

Details / Sequence of Events  

After pressing Skip Update / Continue the User Authentication screen displays. Here you can input your User Name and Password OR use Forgot my Password. These are explained more further below.

User Name / Email  

User Name: In most cases, your User Name (often your work eMail) will be present from your last login.  If not, please enter it now.

Password. Enter your assigned password for the Meeting Manager and you will gain access to the Home Screen of the Meeting Managaer – Home – Groups and Meeting. If your password is incorrect, you will see a dialog box stating such. Try keying your password again. If you cannot remember your password, click on the Forgot my Password option. You will be directed to the  OpenMeeting Customer Portal Sign-in and the screen below will be presented. Here you can key in your credentials (User Name & Password) for the Customer Portal. These will be credentials you should have been provided, and may or may not be the same as your Meeting Manager application credentials. If you don’t recall your credentials to the OpenMeeting Customer Portal, you may proceed by clicking Reset Password / Forgot Password and following the prompts. You will get an email and can enter a new password. 

Once you access the Customer Portal, by keying your password or getting (resetting) a new password, you will see your password  for signing into the Meeting Manager as shown on the screen below. Press the eye button to the left of the password to view it.


Return to the OpenMeeting Meeting Manager Sign-On Screen and use your new password to gain access to your Groups and Meetings HOME screen in the Meeting Manager. 

Notes / Special Functions

Installed Version / Latest Versio

Near the bottom of this screen the “Installed Version” and “Latest Version” appear. In most cases, these will likely be the same. However, if a new version of the Meeting Manager is available, the “Latest Version” has a higher version number than the “Installed Version”. If this is the case, you click Learn More – Download Update and you will be taken to the OpenMeeting’s downloads page. You will see the latest download version of Meeting Manager along with an overview of the new features & bug fixes. Please contact OpenMeeting Support if you have questions. 

We recommend running the latest version and will notify you when major updates are released. However, we do not recommend upgrading just prior to a meeting (unless instructed to do so by OpenMeeting). In most cases, running your current version will be fine if things operated fine in your last meeting.  

If you have continued issues signing into Meeting Manager, please call OpenMeeting Customer Support at 320.249.0555.